Why She Writes


I write because I love
and in love I find my peace.



In 2o13, I wrote:
1) I write because I read books and watch movies and listen to songs… and there are times when the words beg to be taken note of. Other times the words trigger a thought or an emotion that then leads to another and another, thus creating a loop of infinite ideas.
2) I write because I want to understand my feelings. Writing gives me the privilege to take a peep into my subconscious.
3) I write because I need or want to say something. And even if no one else will ever know about it,  I believe it must be said because if not, it’s as if I’m going to explode.
4) I write because I can. Everybody can. It’s a piece of cake. But don’t get me wrong here. Writing is easy. Writing something good takes a lot more effort. Writing something that could affect or change lives… well that’s an entirely different story.
5) I write because I want to connect and relate to different people in different places who are, in many ways, like me.
6) I write because something inspires me. I am inspired by the thousand little miracles I encounter each day.
7) I write because I want to inspire other people in the way I know.
8) I write because I want to remember what I’d most probably forget. Writing preserves a memory.
9) I write because writing makes me feel good about myself. I feel loved and appreciated for simply doing the thing I enjoy doing.
10) I write because I love writing. No reason is needed in love.