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If (For People Waiting for the Right Time)

“You have suffered enough and warred with yourself It’s time that you won, take this sinking boat and point it home” FALLING SLOWLY *** If you asked me the right question long before… Continue reading

An Apology to Both of Us

To this day, the mere mention of your name still turns my stomach upside down. But it has gotten much worse over the last five years, it’s as if the butterflies have somehow… Continue reading

How He Loved Her

He looked at her as if she was his favorite painting in the museum. No, that would be an understatement. He looked at her as if she was the only piece of art… Continue reading

Poems and Pineapples

“It was my destiny to love and say goodbye.” – Pablo Neruda – Do you know why pineapples have many eyes? I do. I’ve known the answer since I was six. The reason… Continue reading


He still thinks about her. She’s still the girl he looks for in every crowd— in parks and malls and concert halls where he knows she’d never go— he still hopes to find… Continue reading


There she goes, still lurking in his dreams, vanishing before daylight, always gone before he could hold her. She never lost him, not even for a while. But he’d already lost her a… Continue reading


I have known three kinds of silences: There’s the kind that’s hardly noticed— quickly passing, and oblivious to its own existence. Perhaps when we were strangers, before we met, before we happened, our… Continue reading


“Let’s not be each other’s better halves. You be whole for you and I’d be whole for me.” I should have realized by then that your words were a caution sign telling me… Continue reading

When Time Plays Along

Maybe in another universe you found me not a minute too early, and I loved you not a second too late. But all we know is here and now. Somewhere among the galaxies and… Continue reading

When Chances are Dead Stars

  But not all chances are opportunities. Some are dead stars– black holes having too much, yet empty and worthless all at once.

A Farewell Love Letter from a School to a Graduating Student (Spoken Word)

(Dear Reader, this piece was really meant to be heard and not silently read. Please do me a favor. I hope you read this one even in the most quiet whisper. Thank you.)… Continue reading


In   between   the   words   I   write are   the   spaces   where   I   hide— the   spaces   where   I   hide   you.… Continue reading

Maybe-Endings-Make Sense-After All

Maybe We will love each other until we can’t, until we don’t.   Endings This is how I will let you go— slowly, painfully, and then completely.   Make Sense If time cannot… Continue reading

Some Beautiful Things

When I imagine beautiful things… I think of Christmas candy canes and a thousand colorful paper cranes. I think of clear water in a quiet pond, and of holding hands under the warm… Continue reading

On the Verge

“Be comfortable with the uncomfortable.” Fly if you must fly. Fall if you must fall. There is danger in flying. There is danger in falling. But the greater danger lies in not choosing… Continue reading