In Places We Will Walk


Pinto Art Museum, Antipolo (March 2018)

The city is unkind. Everything moves fast, restless and reckless. The noise in the crowded streets selfishly drowns whatever trace of peace it finds. It makes me tired, sometimes too tired I feel the need to walk away even if I never had any intention of leaving. And then there is you, always profusely filled with patience, granting me freedom before I even ask for it.

Alone, I find redemption. With ample space and quiet, I drape myself in vivid memories of our time together. I remember you best in this place, even if you have not yet graced its grounds with your presence. This is my heaven— no clocks, no stoplights, nothing to announce when it’s time to go.

Here, the world spins slow.

And I see you, and only you, my love.