Why Wendy Why (Peter Pan’s Song)


photo from  www.pinterest.com/pin/331085010081224350/

Hello, my lost girl,
how have you been?
I hope you haven’t forgotten the boy I still am–
the first who loved you, the first you loved back,
the boy who loves you still.

Remember how your happy thoughts
carried you to the stars where
most of the world’s magic lie and hide.
Remember holding my hand
and traversing through clouds, my love,
we were beautiful.

But why, Wendy? Why did you fly without me?
Were you tired of running and laughing and just being free?
Why, Wendy, why did you have to grow up?
Did you leave your old dreams and old self behind?
If all the clocks stopped tonight,
Can we dance our way again to Neverland?

Let’s try again. Let’s try again.
If you can’t, Wendy my dear,
just please leave the windows open.
Glance at the moon once in a while
as I watch over you.
I will watch over you.
I will watch over you.