A Guide to Growing Up



original photo from www.pinterest.com/pin/448600812864788873/

1. Don’t take school too seriously. There are so many more important things they don’t teach you in school. Like how do you comfort a person who’s lost a loved one? How long do you hold someone’s hand if it was the first time? How do you forgive if the apologies refuse to come?

2. Try not to worry about losing your keys, or your pen, or friendships you would have wanted to last a lifetime. A lot of lost things find their way back. If they don’t, we eventually learn that better things are coming.

3. Take your time in the shower. The best decisions happen there.

4. If you like someone, tell them. You can be miserable or you can be happy. You go from there. Believe me, there is 99% probability that you will be happy. Well, you’ll either have mistakes to laugh at or a wonderful person you could keep for the rest of your life. What could go wrong? (Friendly Warning: This is easier said than done.)

5. It’s okay if it takes you around 20 shots before you get that single Instagram-worthy photo. Who doesn’t want perfect? Promise yourself to never settle.

6. There will be days when you will not find yourself so lovable. Even so, know that someone out there thinks you are nothing short of wonderful.

7. Read a lot of books and watch a lot of movies. Make good friends with characters in magical worlds. Soon enough, you will feel that you too are made of magic.

8. Monsters are real. When you were a kid, they lived under your bed, but now that you’ve grown up they hide inside your head. Try to sleep early.

9. Whenever you’re sad, just let yourself be sad. While ice cream and chocolates may help cheer you up, additional calories will make you fat. But then who cares? Eat what you want.

10. Check your closet or your attic every so often. Survey all the things you choose to keep. Throw what must be thrown, or give it to someone else. Do it without a tinge of guilt or regret. You can but you shouldn’t hold on to  what’s not really yours anymore.

11.  Sorry’s do very little, but more often than not, they are a prerequisite for healing. Be generous with apologies without compromising sincerity.

12. Run. Run not only to get away from something, but also to chase whatever needs chasing. Run free. If you can, fly.

13. Pray hard and tell God what’s inside the darkest, dustiest corners of your heart. He will understand. He will provide.

14. Tell jokes even if no one will laugh at them. Everything that makes you happy is beautiful. And so are you.

15. Don’t be scared to ask questions. Whether you get the answers you want or not, what matters is you are brave enough to take a leap forward.

16. Make some art even if you think you might be bad at it. Whatever is done with the right amount of love can never be that bad.

17. Believe. Believe that happiness and dreams are just a couple of heartbeats away. Believe in the promise of someday. Believe that the whole universe is at your aid. Believe that that the heavens know what it’s doing. Whatever the weather outside your house or inside your mind, always have something to believe in.

To my human angel, happy birthday. I got your back.