The Ghost of the Seventh Lamp Post


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Once upon a time…
(Yes, let’s start the story with that. Why not?
All happy endings begin with once upon a time anyway.)

Let’s do it again, shall we?
So once upon a time, there was a guy
who loved midnight strolls.
He loved the cold and quiet streets
because it’s only natural for poets
to find muses in ghosts.

And once upon the same time, there was a girl
who loved uttering wishes in front of lamp posts.
Yes, lamp posts. Why wait for far-fetched meteors
when you can cast your hopes upon brighter lights
that are just a few meters up?

No, they never met.

But he saw her, of course.
Every single time.
He even wrote about her, and the lines go:
She carried galaxies in her eyes;
she was a universe whose beauty was more than the sum of its stars.

She saw him too, of course.
Every single time.
In the seventh lamp post, her wish goes:
May whatever he hopes to find
also hopes to be found.

Yes, they could have been beautiful,
but it doesn’t matter now.
He lived happily ever after.
She lived happily ever after too.