You Are Enough (A Response to Serge Gabriel’s “The Best Version of Myself”)


(This poem is written in response to Serge Gabriel’s “The Best Version of Myself”



It was nice getting to know you through your poem.
I hope you don’t mind getting to know my thoughts too.


I heard you like to run and swim,
and that you are fond of getting up early in the morning.
I heard you like seeing sunrise.

Guess what?
I don’t.

But I like eating potato chips and ice cream,
and wrapping myself up in bed until it’s 10AM.
I do like sunsets even if I don’t get to see them often.


I see that you’re a big fan of
Star Wars and Ironman and Antman and Guardians of the Galaxy.
Please don’t judge me like most of my friends do when I tell them
I honestly haven’t seen any of those.
Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore and romantic-comedies are my heroes.


I see we have nothing in common
and that’s fine ‘cause I have no intentions of hitting on you.
Just kidding.
Oh wait, I just remembered!
We have the same something after all.
I obsess over poetry and the Oxford comma too.

I also think your brand of optimism is really very sweet–
it’s nice how positive you are
that you will be the best version of yourself
the day your right person walks into your life.
But then I also think that’s a bit problematic.

who gets to decide who’s right for us and who’s not?

if the best version of yourself is so reserved for someone else,
then aren’t you giving a little less to the rest of the world?

if the best version of yourself is to be built for someone else
what happens when your acclaimed right person says it’s time to leave?

Don’t get me wrong.
I’m asking you these for a good reason, okay?

I’m asking you these
because I know how it’s like to wait for something
that makes me feel so undeserving of it.
I know how it feels like to not want to pour all my soul out to humankind
in fear that I might run out of heart by the time my “right person” arrives.
I know how it feels like to be more than what was asked for
only to be loved with a love
stamped with a Best Before.


I have a theory.
I think we will always be in the process of piecing ourselves together.
Maybe our broken selves are actually our best selves,
and love is about trading (yes, just like your Pokemon cards)–
trading fragments of that broken self to others
until one day we can consider ourselves complete.
Maybe we are not meant to be whole,
only complete and content
in our own sense of brokenness.


I’m not expecting you to to agree to every word I just said.
To be honest, I sincerely  wish that one day
you find whatever or whoever you deem right,
and I hope you get to keep it for the rest of your life.

If not,
this remains true:
You have always been enough.
I hope you know that.

With or without someone’s yes,
you are enough.