Poems for People (Part 1)

In celebration of the National Arts Month and Valentine’s Day, I asked my friends to help me love better what I’ve always loved most: poetry. The game’s pretty simple: give me a word and I’ll write you a poem (or at least something that seems like it). Here goes nothing and everything all at once.


For Catrice

poet 4.jpg

photo from www.pinterest.com/pin/329185053984473735/

Remember that
heroes don’t happen
in quiet corners.
So embrace
your self-created monsters
and if you can,
try to love them.
You will save yourself one day.


For Lianna


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There will be years
when breathing comes close to breaking,
when  home seems far from your own skin.
Let the world get all you have
until what’s left is only
what you refuse to give away.
You will ache before you become.


For Charles


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Love relies on pure chance.
So pray that the traffic lights
will tell you to go when it’s best to go
and to stop when it’s best to stop.
Pray that the person you hope to find
hopes to find you too.


For Kay


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“Are you with someone?”
How could I say No?
Instead I said, “Not anymore.”
I acknowledge your ghost.
In fact, I welcome it.
Go on and make my loneliness
your home.


For Axl


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Dormant dreams are not dead dreams.
They are sleeping star stuff
getting ready
for a graceful collision with reality.
Do you feel the darkness creeping in tonight?
That’s alright.
The galaxies within you are about to wake up.