I’d Still Love You in the Morning


photo from  www.pinterest.com/pin/512636370062739037/

Writing Prompt from 642 Tiny Things to Write About
by the San Francisco Writers’ Grotto:
“You’re divorcing your spouse. Rewrite your wedding vows.”

I honestly don’t think I’ll ever want to change anything. So here’s an addendum instead:

If one day we get tired of this outrageous love,
May we find courage to find comfort in our past.
May our goodbyes be good to us.
I will remember that nothing beautiful really ever dies.
So if you decide to leave one night,
I’d still love you in the morning
(and maybe even hours way past daytime).

NOTE: I’ll be posting more writing prompts from this lovely book I bought, with my creative response of course, and I’m looking forward to reading yours (maybe you can share them in the comments section). Let’s keep in touch, shall we? Love and lights, Christine.