I’ve Seen the Future

To my six-year old self,

Please know I have seen your future. You’re gonna teach and you’re gonna write but it’s gonna feel like you’re just playing around. Yes, it’s gonna be like what you’ve always wanted. Or maybe better.

Every morning, you’d still want to quit everything, especially during the ber months when the weather gets pretty cold. You’d tell your mom how much you want to resign to spend quality time with your hotdog pillow but of course you’re just joking. You’re gonna wake up, dress up, and go out there for all the right reasons you can think about or make up.

You will end your days tired but very happy on the inside. It’s just like when you were learning how to bike and skate and swim with your dad. The whole process would sometimes be boring as it is repetitive but you get better and better each time. That’s how you’ll find contentment.

Kid, don’t panic. I’ve seen your future. You will like it.

With love and assurance,
Your 21-year old self

Love yourself.