Tonight She Flies

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Once there was a girl
who fell in love with her fears
so she kept them all in a box
and tonight she flies.

She’s free.

It took me a migraine to finish writing this short poem because it forced me to answer the question: “What do you do with the things you’re scared of?”

I groped for courage before I could admit to myself that I welcome my ghosts and keep them well so when the time comes I can write about what hurts and maybe I can greet my monsters as if we’re friends. Now I’m beginning to think that every poem I’ve ever written serves as an apology. The Universe wants me to forgive myself for hurting and healing slow.

Tonight I write. Tonight I heal. Tonight I fly.
Tonight I’m free.


This poem is written for Girls for Girls, one of the YSEALI (Young South East Asian Leaders Initiative) Seeds for the Future 2015 grantees. It aims to create a safe space for girls to meet, talk, play learn and inspire one another. The ultimate goal of this leadership camp is to connect and empower the lives of young girls in order that they may participate in social change in their communities. The camp will be held in the Philippines and will draw participants from four different countries: Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand.

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