If you want to be happy, be.”
– Leo Tolstoy –

Dear human,

You don’t have to have that grand plan.
If your to-do list says all you have to do on a Monday morning
is drink a warm cup of coffee and eat bagel
and read Tolstoy, then so be it.
If the band you’ve been dying to see live
will hold a concert in a nearby town three weekends from now,
pick up the phone,
book your ticket reservation (don’t even think
about asking for anyone’s permission).
If all you feel like doing for 17 hours per day
is scrolling through Facebook and Instagram,
then I sincerely hope you have good internet connection at home
or wherever place your are.
Just let your soul find its way the way it knows how.

There is no need to force your way through life.
A good friend once told me,
“move on at your own pace.”
It’s not selfish to put your own happiness
on top of your priority list;
it’s only fair. You cannot be a gift to the world
unless you see yourself as one.
Live gracefully and let the moments come
one smile, one heartbreak at a time.

Always ask the right questions and always remember
you don’t need to find all the answers right now.
When in doubt, just breathe in and breathe out.

You’re on your way.
You’ll get there someday.

With love,
Another human soul