How to Wait for Nothing (A Step-by-Step Guide)

“And then, suddenly, something is over.”
– Louise Glück –

(This is for the girl who fell in love with a boy named Nothing.)

How to Wait for Nothing
(A Step-by-Step Guide)


Tell yourself it’s okay to be desperate
because people change their minds
and that stars can be kind sometimes.


Wear nice clothes and pretty lipstick shades
that make you feel good. Be prepared.
Make sure to always look your best.


Bring every piece of miracle you need—
a book, a pet, an art project, whatever gets your attention.
You have to have distractions.


It’s almost always fun at first.
Count the minutes as they come
and convince yourself it’s all worth the while.
Feel the weight of that four-letter verb,
until it’s no longer just a word,
but your personal destiny.
Embrace the agony of staying
for something not certain. Suffer.
But stay anyway.


Distract yourself.
Read a book. Train your pet. Make some art.
Realize you can be happy on your own.


Look in the mirror.
Recognize how beautiful you are.
You don’t need someone else to believe a fact.


Stop waiting.
It’s okay to change your mind.
It’s okay to be kind to yourself sometimes.

It’s okay to love yourself first.