Keep Calm You’re Only 21 (Pre-graduation Letter to Myself)

“Only seek to be more of yourself.”
“Your life unfolds in proportion to your courage.”
[ Danielle LaPorte ]


Believe me you’re not lost, not even a tad bit confused.  There’s a difference between not knowing what you want and deciding whether you should go for it or not. And whatever you make out of your years, remember that you will always be bigger than the choices you made and those you have yet to make. So please don’t beat yourself up. Let loose. It’s okay to feel so very deeply but after that, let loose.

If you’re scared, go ahead and be scared. I would never force you to act brave if you don’t feel like it. Hide if you must hide. Run if you must run. Even if you’re far out of sight, I trust that you will be back.

If you’re hurt and angry, go ahead and be hurt and angry. Take as much time as you need. Never feign healing or force forgiveness. Wait. Wait until your demons have shrunken down. Wait until the leftover feelings of loss and betrayal could fit in a single hand and then unfurl your fingers one by one.

Don’t worry about being good all the time.
Don’t worry about being right all the time.
Don’t worry too much.
Right now it’s enough to be kind to yourself and the people all around.

I am not in the position to assure you the best is yet to come. I mean, who knows if the best had come and you only failed to recognize it then? What if the best moment of your life is already right before your eyes and you’re missing on it because you keep on waiting and waiting and waiting for something that’s long been there all along? This is not a threat but a wake-up call. Learn to look forward to tomorrows without overlooking the now’s.

You’re smart and strong and I’m so sure you will make it big someday. No pressure though. Breathe. Keep calm, you’re only 21. You will make something-anything-everything work one at a time. That’s what you have been doing all this time. And I am proud of you. Everyday.


Remember how you used to say that one day you will change the world? Guess what? You already are.