That Place Called Artsy Cafe

Today I went to Wonderland. Or at least it felt like it. There was no Mad Hatter or Cheshire Cat or Queen of Hearts or whatnot. But then there’s two of my most favorite things in the world: food and art.


The interior’s so lovely, it’s impossible for anyone to feel “hangry” (please refer to the next photo for the definition). I really liked the concept of this particular neologism. It’s funny and crazy and yet it makes so much sense.


Everything belongs. It’s as if every single thing is meant to be there to complete everything else. Nothing’s out of place. And for the most part I think it’s good to always surround yourself with things that fall perfectly into place.
Artsy Cafe 2

Oh and people too! Always surround yourself with the right people. Most especially if you’re into the arts. The best stories are yet to be inside your head. So go out often– visit new places, eat good food, tag your best-est friends along and let the whole world help you with your craft. The truth is: everywhere there is art.