Seven sudden life-realizations while staring at a blank page


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1. Good things come to those who wait; better things fall into the hands of those who do some chasing. You can’t just always sit there and hope for miracles. You gotta hunt for miracles. And sometimes, you have to be your own miracle.

2. It is possible to lose something you never had. ‘Cause you could have had it. If you tried harder or waited longer or both, maybe you could have had it. When you choose to give up on a vision, that’s pretty much like choosing to give up on a possible reality.

3. You cannot escape from a dream. You cannot force yourself to love some other kind of work when you were meant to dance or sing or write. It’s like our passions chose us and not the other way around.

4. Insane is lovely. Where there is rawness, there is vulnerability. Where there is accepted vulnerability, there is much courage. Isn’t that beautiful?

5. There is a kind of love that can wait; there is a kind that can’t. So how do you know which ones to let slip away and which ones not to let go for a spare moment? You don’t; you can’t; you’ll never know. You could only hope for the best.

6. Time cannot heal anything. Not a wound. Not a broken heart. Choice does the trick. Choice does the magic. Time just co-exists with us.

7. It is perfectly okay to love love and fear commitment. This is self-explanatory.