A Villain’s Letter to the Hero’s Lady


background photo from http://www.wallchan.com


I want to be the one who saves you— the one who comes to the rescue when you cry for help, the one who chases and kicks out all the bad guys so they will leave you alone, the one who brings you safe and sound at home.

But I can’t be that.

I was meant to be the one who breaks you— the very reason you’re crying for help, the reason you have to run away in fear, the reason you can’t find home.

I’ll completely understand if you would hate me for causing you trouble and pain. I am sorry if my love is the kind that destroys. I chose to love you in the best way I know. I needed to hurt you ‘cause I want to see you saved— even if I’m not the one who saves you.

I guess that’s the closest I get to being your hero.