Moments of Impact


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You have been deluded to believe that true love is this:

Two fates intertwining and moving towards a single eternity.

But maybe, just maybe, it can take this form:

Two fates colliding then moving forward in opposite directions. Each fate carrying some particles from the other matter, taking it as one’s own. One becomes forever a part of the other’s eternity.

This is where it starts. And this is probably where it all goes wrong. When you were a kid, all your fairy tales made you believe that happily ever after lies heavily in finding true love.  You were convinced that someone is made for another someone and nobody else. And so as you grow older, you have this idea in your head that you’re simply half of a soul— that in order to feel and to be complete, you must wait for the time when your other half will find you. You believed that. A moment of impact.

Then you mature.  Or at least you claim to have matured.  You start searching for love— in the wrong places, in the wrong persons, in the wrong time in the right places, in the right persons, in the right time, for all the wrong reasons. Or maybe you keep on waiting but then you feel like the time, the place, the person… they’re just never right. And you get tired. You get tired of searching. You get tired of waiting. You try to come up with ideas on how you can find something without the need to look or wait for it. You come up with none. Still, you believe that you will find it. A greater moment of impact.

And then life pretty much goes on. Now, this is the part where you find what you have been trying to find all along. But this is also the part where you stopped believing that you are capable of keeping a great find. This is the part of confirmation. You remember your best friend, your grandma, your favorite book telling you in one way or another that there is someone in store for you and then you tell yourself “Ahhh! There really is.” And this is the part when you realize that there is no need to keep the person in store for you; that it’s enough to know that he really does exist and that he is capable of finding you. Even if it may be in the least expected way, in the most unfavorable time.

Probably the greatest moment of impact.