Ode to Things Lost and Found


original background photo from fineartamerica.com

Things that matter
and things that don’t
Things that used to matter
until they don’t—
they all get lost.
All things get lost.
Nobody stole them
or threw them away.
They just disappear
from that box you hid
inside your closet
where you kept them
or thought to have kept them.

An outgrown toy that used to be
a lonely child’s favorite hiding place,
that dusty and torn photograph
of a happy groom
carrying his lovely bride—
Things that somebody
dearly called ‘mine’
but only for a moment
before gone for all time.

A key, an umbrella,
an identification card,
a watch, a handkerchief—
All those we say we can’t live without,
we lose.
Some forgotten, some replaced.
Some stay with a stranger,
‘til they are homeless again.

For all things found are eventually lost,
and all things lost are eventually found.
But there’s another truth
almost always overlooked—
that what the finder sees as lost and found
was the owner’s something found and lost.