Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow


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Is where we are, where we stand,
Looking, searching, groping
For things to have and keep
Even only for a passing moment.

Is our place, our time—
A point in eternity I have yet to find,
The Clockmaker’s property I couldn’t hold with my hand,
An uncertain future I make real in my mind.

Is when we’d laugh at our fears way back,
When our passions that used to haunt us,
That used to break us and drive us insane,
Finally made us living dreams.

Is when you’ll cry and I’ll cry with you.
You’d cry cause of some random shit life throws at you,
And I, on one hand, would cry out of amusement
‘Cause right then and there,
I’d be able to prove that big boys do cry after all.
But the actual point of the matter is…
When your world seems to fall apart, I’ll be  there.
If you need to talk, I’d listen.
If you want to be alone, I’d go far far away
But still close enough to watch over you.

Is when I’ll be most thankful that I found you.
When the best I could do is sit on a rocking chair
And comb my grey hair,
I’d tell my grandchildren that
A huge chunk of my happily ever after
Relied on that Once upon a time when I met you.
And that for most times,
You have been my hero.
You have been my miracle.

So much is in store for tomorrow.
But right now, we only have today.
I love you today.
And I could only love you better
And tomorrow,
And tomorrow.