Dear Mr. Madhatter


Dear Mr. Madhatter,

I would like to believe that this open letter would get to you. I would like to think that in a parallel universe, you exist and will continue to exist as long as someone remembers you. I could imagine different worlds where all fictional characters go on living even after the last page of the book or the last scene of the film. This is my wishful thinking: that when a writer writes a story, he also creates a world. A real world. And yours is Wonderland. And I hope that my faith would take this note to Wonderland so that my words could reach you wherever universe you might be in.

Why did I think of writing to you? That’s insane. But maybe it’s only by trying to be you that I could reach you. That’s a foolish idea, isn’t it? I’m completely bonkers.

There’s something Alice forgot to tell you. She didn’t get the chance to tell you that you weren’t just a figment of her imagination. Maybe that’s the reason why you were so scared of her departure. She thought of you as a dream– as something that will soon be forgotten once she awakes from her sleep. And you believed her. But you’re not. You were her reality.

You loved Alice quite a lot, didn’t you? You weren’t scared that you’re not real. You’re scared that your feelings might not be real. You’re scared with the possibility that you didn’t care for someone that much after all. You’re frightened that the memory of having someone to see you as mad but still one of the best wouldn’t be true. I knew you loved her when it was enough for you that you once crossed her mind and that she dreamed of you and that in her dream, you were a hero. I knew you loved her when you gave her the option to stay but didn’t beg her to. I knew you loved her when you let her go.

Goodbyes always broke my heart. I knew it broke yours too. I’m dying to know what happened after she left. Did you keep on waiting for her? Did she return? If I continue thinking that you’ll meet again one day, is that what will happen? If I write about the day that Madhatter and Alice would be re-united… if I create another world through writing and make other people believe in that world, would that figment of my imagination eventually transform into reality? Or should I leave your happily ever after at that? I wish I could know the answer. I wish you could write me back.

Someone who believes in Wonderland