Faces of Happy Endings


background photo from http://www.dartmouthengineer.com

Maybe your happy ending lies in finding and keeping the love of your life. Fiction has its way of convincing people that happy endings can be found in meeting your soul mate and choosing to spend the rest of your lives together. Maybe you won’t choose to get married. Maybe you would. Maybe what matters most is growing old together, collecting white hair and wrinkles but still finding each other beautiful. 

Maybe your happy ending lies in building a family. Maybe it’s about the joy of having your first-born wrap his or her tiny, delicate hand around your finger. Maybe it’s about being labelled as the Best Mom or Best Dad in the world. Maybe it’s about being there  when your son or daughter have his or her  heart broken for the first time. Maybe it’s about seeing your children happy on their wedding day. Maybe the happy ending is seeing your children have their own children.

Maybe your happy ending lies in living your dreams. Maybe it’s all about doing well in the path you’ve chosen for yourself. Maybe it’s about beating your old self, becoming better and better after each passing day. Maybe it’s about setting goals which are seemingly impossible to achieve but being able to attain all of them, one at a time.

Maybe your happy ending lies in watching your friends enjoy their happy endings. Maybe you’re not the marrying type and your dream are light years away but you can remain happy as long as you see the people you love, happy. Maybe happy endings can depend on selfless love– in helping your loved ones find and keep their happy endings.

Maybe your happy ending lies in letting go and moving on. Maybe you’ve held on to  something or someone for a very long time because once in your life, it made you happy and complete. But then life happens and it stopped making you feel that way. In fact, it started making you feel the opposite. What was once right suddenly became wrong and out of place. Maybe you’ve always been scared to walk away because of the fear that by leaving, you will just end up with nothing. Maybe the happy ending is being courageous enough to stop making a fool out of yourself. Maybe it’s realizing that ‘wrong’ is never better than ‘nothing;’ and being hopeful that ‘nothing’ could wind up being ‘something,’ and that ‘something’ could be the best.

Maybe your happy ending lies in apologizing and forgiving. Maybe there is a happy ending in forgiving those who hurt you in one way or another– those who pulled you down, those who lied, those who promised they’d stay but eventually left. Maybe there’s also a happy ending in apologizing to those whom you have done the same things. Or maybe you find your happy ending in knowing that the person you most owe for an apology is yourself. Maybe your happy ending lies heavily in forgiving yourself for not being able to be who you want to be and for not being able to do what you’ve always wanted to do– for always doubting and holding back and giving up. Maybe happy endings are about peace, and maybe that peace starts in forgiving yourself.

Maybe your happy ending lies in having absolutely no idea of what to do next in your life. Maybe it’s about not hoping in anything in particular but simply hoping that life will turn out great. Maybe there’s a happy ending that happens only when you have faith in your Creator, in yourself, and in the circumstances.

Some stick to the cliche that in life, there are no happy endings because life is a continuous process, thus it only has one beginning and one end. But I would like to look at life as a series of beginnings and endings. I like to believe that in one lifetime, there are countless chances to have a lot of happy endings.

What’s your happy ending?