A Season for Writing


background photo from wallpoper.com

When you spill your morning coffee in your pants, write.
When you’re sad about what’s written on the daily news, write.
When you ordered sunny side up but you’re given scrambled eggs, write.
When the pile of paper work just keeps getting higher and higher, write.
When your boss yells at you, write.
When you can’t find a good show to watch, write.
When you can’t sleep because of the sounds your noisy neighbors make, write.

When your crush greets you, write.
When you had the worst date of your life, write.
When you just broke up after seven years of relationship, write.
When you can’t move on, write.
When all your friends are getting married and you’re still single, write.
When you think you’ve found the one, write.
When you become someone’s fiance, write.

When the wind makes your hair a mess, write.
When white, puffy clouds cover the entire blue sky, write.
When it starts to rain hard and you forgot to bring your umbrella, write.
When you’re stuck at home because of the snow, write.
When everything is in bloom and it’s like the earth is working its magic, write.
When the beach is calling you but your favorite bikini doesn’t fit anymore, write.
When the perfectly roasted turkey is begging to be eaten, write.

Whether it be good or bad, every moment in your life is worth writing about.
Everything that happens is beautiful because it is part of the continuity of time.
Whatever you’re doing, whatever you’re not doing, it is inseparable from eternity.
And when you write, you can immortalize what is changing.. what is fleeting.
Writing cannot change the circumstance but it can change your mindset,
which is sort of the same thing. Writing can turn things around.
Writing is expression and expression is creation.
Through your creations, you are made whole.