Feelings and Confessions


Why do you confess a feeling?

You confess a feeling because it exists and continues to exist and you think it will continue to exist for a long time. Everyday of your life, you let so many wonderful people pass you by. But one morning you wake up and you feel like a face stands out from the crowd. And then you start believing that it’s the face that could send butterflies in your stomach.  It’s the face you think about at random times of the day that makes you smile like an idiot. And for the first time in your life, it’s okay to feel like an idiot.

You confess a feeling because you think it is worth saying. It is worth saying because it feels like any time, your physiologically healthy brain would start to malfunction and overheat until it explodes. Keeping the feelings all bottled up inside you for a long time stirs up some courage to go the object of affection to say what has been going on. You realize that your loved one deserves to know that he/she is beautiful and amazing and perfect in the eyes of someone.  And then you admit that that someone… is you.

Finally, you confess a feeling because you think it could change something. When you start to “love” you start to hope. You hope that the spark could ignite into a consuming flame. Naturally, when you love, you desire to be loved back. In times when affection could not be fully returned, it seems more than enough that it is appreciated.

It is almost never the right time to confess your feelings for someone. But who cares? Your words and sincerity could make it right, even perfect. How do you trust a moment if timing’s a bitch? You don’t. You shouldn’t. Instead, you trust yourself; you trust your feelings. And you go from there.