Your Best Self


Have you ever reached the point when you feel like you’re not doing anything right? When your best efforts turn out to be futile attempts leading you nowhere? When the good in you seems to be oblivious even to  yourself? If your answer is yes, then good. You’re on the right track.

You always want to be in control. You keep on planning ahead so you can have things your way. You feel the need to constantly prove yourself even if no one is demanding that from you. Sometimes, you even keep on pushing yourself but you still don’t believe like you are enough. And you dread that you will never ever going to be enough.

Your life used to be like a clean well-lighted room– Everything was in its proper place. But suddenly all the lights went out. You stumble and grope in the darkness, messing up the whole place and breaking things you once took good care of. You feel helpless and you blame whoever turned all the lights off. But the truth is… it was you who did it. You caused your own misery. And that’s not so bad at all.

If you allow yourself to be lost, and if you admit to yourself that you are indeed lost, then you’re giving yourself a chance to be found. And you will be found. One day, someone will go inside that dark room, holding a candle. Maybe you will push that someone away.  Maybe you would pretend like you don’t need that someone. Maybe you would make things even harder for that someone to  help you. But that someone will stay.

Someday, while you choose to remain static, a someone will turn on all the lights and try to clean up your messed up room. Broken things would be thrown away and replaced with  new things. One object would occupy the space of another. When you get back to your senses, you notice that everything is different… and you realize that sometimes, different is good. When that time comes, you will be thankful that you were once lost. More often than not, the bad things lead us to the right people. It is almost unbelievable to be completely loved when you’re at your worst, yet it is possible. Finally, you would understand that you don’t have to go through life alone.

Do you feel lost today? Hold on. In no time, you’d already be your best self.