The Wish-Granting Factory


Luckily, the world is not a wish-granting factory.

It is good to know that dreams do not depend on nickels falling down the bottom of a wishing well or meteors crossing in the night sky. If they did, the finish line where happiness awaits would be as distant as the meeting point of two parallel lines… You would never get there.

Luckily, you are your own wish-granting factory.

I’m not saying  you can always get what you want when you work hard for it. That’s not how things work. Sometimes, you’ve already given your all yet the thought of getting your dream job or the thought of having your object of affection notice you… remains as unimaginable as beaches in North Pole.

We want to have certain things and we yearn to be loved by certain people.Yes, our desires vary. We may be wishing for different things  but maybe our common denominator is this: All of us just wants to be happy. And so we  are in constant struggle to get what we believe would make us happy. We tend to desperately cling on what we think is best for us.  Even if it makes us feel otherwise. Oftentimes, we forget that to be happy simply means to let go. Only when you let go and stop chasing the wrong things that you notice how great you truly are and how much you really have.

Happiness is a choice. So is letting go. You are your own wish-granting factory.