Cheers for 25 Years: Singapore 2019

  If there’s thirty, flirty, and thriving, then there’s me who’s twenty, tippy, and trying. About a week ago, I celebrated my 25th birthday in Singapore. This was a rather spontaneous trip born… Continue reading

All the Lights and Love: La Union 2019

  After a 4-hour bus ride from Manila, we arrived in La Union with more than enough time to spare before we could check in the hotel we booked. At 2:30am, the best… Continue reading

We Come Like Waves: Cagbalete 2018

My mind drifts back to mornings made of boat rides and blue skies, to afternoons so slow we can lie (without guilt) in a hammock loosely hanging in between two small trees overlooking… Continue reading

New Year’s Travel: Cruising in Thailand and Malaysia

  It’s almost a year late but allow me to share this first. I welcomed 2018 with a new kind of travel experience: cruising. This trip got me looking forward to being sandwiched… Continue reading

An Abundance of Optimistic Thinking

It would be fair to say that I was a pretty optimistic kid. While other elementary school children already had visions of them becoming the next doctors, lawyers, engineers, or perhaps the next… Continue reading

In Places We Will Walk

The city is unkind. Everything moves fast, restless and reckless. The noise in the crowded streets selfishly drowns whatever trace of peace it finds. It makes me tired, sometimes too tired I feel… Continue reading


  All that I loved, I have outgrown them little by little. A rusty bicycle, a pair of broken glasses, a parade of dusty picture frames, a heap of old friendly letters the… Continue reading

Sunday Slowdown

When I was a little girl, I always wished to grow up faster.  Busy was beautiful, I thought. But now that I’m in my early 20s when I feel my proportions are half… Continue reading

Instructions for The One That Got Away

  When the morning comes, open the windows and let the light fill in the spaces and cracks that used to be the safe abode of unpretty things we’ve learned to love in… Continue reading

A Dog’s Prayer, A Lover’s Poem

So we wait and we wait, but only to be left over and over. This is my most fervent prayer– that our keepers will always come back home to us, that our lovers… Continue reading

Yellow Daydreams

Unlike everyone else who spends summers in beaches, I use the 40 degrees Celsius days drowning in the cold and dark abyss that is my own stream of consciousness. My mind is a generator… Continue reading

Why Wendy Why (Peter Pan’s Song)

Hello, my lost girl, how have you been? I hope you haven’t forgotten the boy I still am– the first who loved you, the first you loved back, the boy who loves you… Continue reading

2017 New Year Wish: I hope you find many beautiful things

It may be a little late for this, but here’s my new year wish: I hope you find many beautiful things– In yourself, in others, in whatever resembles happiness. So here’s to new travels, new… Continue reading

To that almost right person who just got the time wrong

To that almost right person who just got the time wrong, I’ve always thought love was all chains and various kinds of suffocation, but yours felt like that first glorious breath after drowning;… Continue reading

A Guide to Growing Up

  1. Don’t take school too seriously. There are so many more important things they don’t teach you in school. Like how do you comfort a person who’s lost a loved one? How… Continue reading